Saturday, February 4, 2012

5 Ways the Giants Can LOSE the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is tomorrow and the New York Giants who finished 9-7 will represent the NFC against the New England Patriots who finished 13-3 will represent the AFC. If one were to look at the records it would be a surefire mismatch, but anyone who has watched the games this year has seen that the Giants don't play really according to their record and they have a history of doing special things against the Patriots. What it amounts to is one of the more better matched Super Bowls we have seen in the past. Many people are picking the Patriots and many are picking the Giants, it seems to be almost an even split down the middle. Well here are 5 ways or X-factors per se, which will lose the game for the Giants.

1. No (Giant) Turnovers- This just might be the most important element in their game, as they haven't turned the ball over once during their run. Tom Brady is arguable the best quarterback in the league and you cannot give him help. Turnovers lead to short field position which lead to an easier drive down the field by Brady. If there are any turnovers in the game, the Giants will have to be the ones forcing them.

2. Beware of Vince Wilfork- The patriots line feeds off him and he is the lifeblood of it. There is a reason he has been there for so long and its because he's good at what he does. The Giants cannot allow Vince Wilfork to wreck this game, he is capable of doing it. He has done it before to teams before and this is the biggest stage he's going to be on all year. Plus this might just be his last chance to grab one more title with team he's cemented his legacy with. One of the few defensive tackles left in the league who can play both the 3-4 and the 4-3 defense effectively, Wilfork will be looking to make himself heard in this game, and the Giants will have to quiet him.

3. The Defense Has to Get Off the Field- Tom Brady is great at game management and you can bet the plan will be to keep Eli off the field with long, time consuming drives. The defense has to come out strong early and not let Brady get into a rhythm. Physicality will be key here, they came out hitting hard against the Packers. It will be nice to see that kind of ferocity on the field tomorrow. If they can't get off the field and end up giving Brady more chances because of it they will pay dearly. Brady is too good to be given extra chances. See: Turnovers

4. They Have to Run like Madmen- During their past couple of playoffs wins the Giants have run the ball efficiently. This is part of the reason why they have won. In the NFC championship game, the 49ers plan was to make the Giants one dimensional and they did a pretty good job of it. They even had the Giants become pretty pass heavy late in the game but it was the run that got them the extra yards after the special teams turnover that helped win the game. This defense is not the 49ers defense. If they establish a good run game early they can win the possession battle and in turn keep the ball out of Tom Brady's hands.

5. The Defensive Line Has to Get to Brady- This defensive line is what fuels the Giants defense. They live on pressure to the quarterback almost pushing teams into a one-dimensional run team, leaving them baffled offensively. If the front four bring the pressure like they really mean it and get into Brady's head then he will make mistakes. The mistakes could possibly lead to turnovers which will help the Giants in the field position. If they don't enough pressure to mess with Brady then he will orchestrate successful scoring drives down the field whether they take a lot of time or a little. I'm not saying that this won't be an offensive game but possibly if the Giants can sway it to the defensive side with their defense then maybe they can get an edge.

So that's the main ways the Giants could possibly lose this championship. If they eliminate those problems on gameday they should win.
Prediction: Giants take their fourth Lombardi trophy with a 27-20 win

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