Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Number One Concern: Player Safety

It's a good thing the Giants' brass sent the right man to represent their players. Here is a quote from the Giants' All-Pro center regarding these talks.

“I almost hope we don’t (reach a deal this week), because that would be a bad deal for us,” The one thing that bothers me is when I hear people say players haven’t asked for anything. I don’t agree with that. “There’s things that we need and we want as players. The fact that we only have five years of health-care coverage post-retirement, that’s alarming to me. Especially when you hear the owners and the league talk about player safety, player wellness.”

Now that is alarming to me. Every few weeks during the season you hear about an ex-NFL player that is dealing with brain damage or other head injuries caused by a large amount of concussions. Sure most of the players that retired have a lot of money, and don't need it. We're not talking about Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, whose great, grandchildren are set for life. We're talking about guys that played for a few seasons or a career backup player. They might make a pretty penny, but certainly not enough to pay for brain surgery if need be. 

One of the major issues is how to spread around $9 billion. Another issue is how to improve player safety. Why not use one to help the other? Improve the players' healthcare and that will go a long way. The players are what bring in the benjamins, not these fat owners. Help them out. 

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