Friday, February 18, 2011

Rockies Love Their Quarterbacks

We all know about Eli and Peyton Manning, but what about their college backups? Of course, they are on the Colorado Rockies. Eli's backup, Seth Smith, and Peyton's backup, Todd Helton, have had pretty good baseball careers. That's not all the quarterbacks the Rockies have gotten involved with. In 2000, they selected Michael Vick in the 30th round (887th overall) just about a month after being selected 1st overall by the Atlanta Falcons. So that got me thinking.

Say if there is no football this year. Could anyone on the Giants try their hand at any other sports? Afterall, two-sports stars were common in the 1990s. We all know about Deion Sanders, Brian Jordan and Bo Jackson playing both baseball and football. Heck, Tom Glavine was selected in the 2nd round of the 1984 NFL Draft by the Los Angeles Kings.

It's safe to say that almost everyone on the offensive line could not play any other sport. Could you imagine a 325 pound 3rd baseman? I know I can't. One person that comes to mind is Hakeem Nicks. He's probably the best athlete on the Giants, and he wouldn't be a bad addition to the New York Knicks (no pun intended). The Islanders need all the help they can get, and Kevin Boss is very good at pushing people around. I think he'd make a great enforcer in the National Hockey League. It'll be awfully tough for any Giant to go over to baseball for one year, because it's very tough to figure out how to hit in a short period of time.

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