Sunday, January 23, 2011

Year in Review: Secondary

There are a lot of people that feel that the Giants' secondary is the reason for them not playing in the 2011 playoffs. I am not among those people. Even though the biggest job of the secondary is to stop the big plays, most of the blame isn't on them for the amount of 20+ yard passes and rushes that the Giants gave up. By the time the running backs and receivers even got to the secondary, they already reached 20 yards anyway.

Corey Webster and Terrell Thomas might be the most underrated pair of cornerbacks in the league. Thomas led the Giants in tackles and many feel that he was one of the biggest snub for this year's Pro Bowl. They aren't shutdown corners, they're not Darelle Revis, but you will rarely hear "Pass interference on the defense..." when the Giants are on defense. In order for Big Blue's defensive line to be effective, their corners have to cover the wide receivers long enough for Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora to get to the quarterback. It doesn't matter if they have the best defensive line in the game (and they probably do), that all will not matter if the wide receivers are wide open.

Last offseason, the Giants signed Antrel Rolle to the highest salary ever for a safety. How did he award them? By putting up his 2nd Pro Bowl season. Rolle was everywhere this season, having 76 tackles on the year, getting a lot of pressure on the quarterback and defending a lot of passes. He wasn't the only quality safety for the Giants. Kenny Phillips had another quality season, but next season will probably be better as came off microscopic knee surgery due to arthritis, and many felt that his career would be over, but all the doubt was erased the 1st game when he intercepted a pass from Carolina's Matt Moore.
Grade: B

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