Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Year in Review: Quarterback

Before I start reviewing his 2010 season, let me first wish Eli Manning a happy birthday, who just turned 30 years old on Monday.

If you ask New York, they will tell you that Eli Manning had a bad year, because of his league-leading 25 interceptions. True that is something that you don't want to lead the league in, but the Giants wide receivers had so many passes tipped off them and into the arms of the defensive backs. He could've easily had 10 or more less interceptions. If you ask every other part of the country, they will tell you that Eli Manning had a very good year. In New York, people tend to judge players before they perform, which is the only reason I can think of why there is so much pomp and circumstance for Mark Sanchez and his career 70.2 passer rating, but this is a Giants blog, not a Jets one so I will just move on.

The worst thing that could possibly happen to Eli Manning is when the Yankees won the World Series in 2009, because now Alex Rodriguez is no longer the most scrutinized athlete in New York City. Unfortunately, Manning has that honor. This year, Eli Manning passed for 31 Touchdowns, which was the most a Giants quarterback has thrown since 1963 and he also had his 2nd consecutive 4,000 yard season, which is a 1st in Giants history. In regards to the NFL, Manning ranked 5th in passing yards (4,002), 4th in TD (31), 1st in longest TD Pass (92) and 6th in passer rating among quarterbacks with 500 or more attempts (85.3). Granted that only 9 quarterbacks in the NFL had 500 attempts, but that just goes to show how much confidence Kevin Gilbride and the rest of the Giants staff has in Manning.

That being said, quarterbacks are judged on two things: Wins and Losses. This year, he did go 10-6, which anyone would take. However, he failed to make the playoffs for the 2nd straight season. Even though he did not make the playoffs, it's very difficult to ignore his 4,002 passing yards and 31 touchdowns.

Grade: B

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