Friday, January 7, 2011

Wild Card Round Predictions

Jets @ Colts

This is probably going to be the most hard-fought game of the first round. The Jets have the 3rd ranked defense in the NFL and the Colts obviously have the top passing game in the NFL with Peyton Manning.  The matchup that most people are looking at is Reggie Wayne and his 1,355 receiving yards against Darrelle Revis. This will sound odd, but the fact that Revis has 0 interceptions really shows how great he is. Everyone forgets about their top wide receiver when they face the Jets, because Darrelle just shuts them down. However, Peyton Manning has too many weapons, and Revis cannot cover them all. Just look at the tight end position. Dallas Clark goes down and their backup ends up with 600 yards receiving.

Prediction: Colts 20 Jets 17

Ravens @ Chiefs

I have no idea what is more surprising: The Chiefs have 10 wins or the best USC quarterback in the NFL is Matt Cassel. I think I owe Matt an apology. I never thought he would be as good when he left the Patriots. Matt, I'm sorry. Then again, having Dwayne Bowe and that running game certainly helps a lot. On the other hand, Joe Flacco has certainly surprised more than a fair share of his critics. However, his offensive line has certainly let him down as he's been sacked 40 times, which is the most for any quarterback. Ouch! Tamba Hali and his AFC-leading 14.5 sacks are going to have a field day. Call me crazy, but it is extremely difficult to win on the road at Arrowhead Stadium, and I see Baltimore's offensive line letting Flacco down again especially if Michael Oher can't play.

Prediction: Chiefs 24 Ravens 20

Packers @ Eagles

In Week 1, the Packers defeated the Eagles 27-20, but Vick was not the starter, Kevin Kolb was so this game could be very different, but probably won't be. Michael Vick was sacked 34 times in just 12 games, which is almost 3 per game. With his mobility, he should rarely be taken down for a sack. That tells me that the offensive line is just that, offensive as they've given up 50 for the year, which is ranked 31st in the NFL. The Packers are 1st in the NFC in both interceptions and sacks led by Clay Matthews's 13.5 sacks.  Much like the Ravens, it is going to be very difficult to win with a terrible offensive line.

Prediction: Packers 31 Eagles 21

Saints @ Seahawks

I'm trying to think of how this game will not get very ugly very quickly, but I haven't thought of a reason yet. Drew Brees is going to be too much for the Seahawks, and the Saints have a much improved passing defense as well. The Seahawks rank 28th in passing while the Saints rank 3rd. Unfortunately for Seattle, I don't think Sean Payton will rest his starters after the 3rd quarter. He's going to want to send a message.

Prediction: Saints 42 Seahawks 10

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