Sunday, January 16, 2011

What The Playoffs Are All About

Watching the Jets win 28-21 against the Patriots certainly brings back memories. No I'm not talking about Super Bowl XLII or any of the playoff games themselves. I'm talking about the parties, the food and all the weight I gained that 5 week period of the 2007-2008 playoffs. People say they gain a lot of weight during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, but that is nothing compared to the weight that is gained when either your team or a friend's team goes deep into the playoffs.

In January of 2008, the Giants played in 4 games including the Super Bowl, and I watched each game in a different place. There was one thing that was constant: the food. Even though the kind of food varied, whether it was several 6-foot heroes, dozens of pizzas, buckets of wings, etc., the quantity of food never changed. It's a good thing that I started excercising again, because I might look like Rex Ryan soon if I didn't.

One thing is for certain. These parties are much more fun when your team isn't expected to go very far. Watching Yankee fans every year, they really don't enjoy the playoffs. Anything less than a World Series win is a disappointment, and that's the same thing for the Patriots. The Patriots went 14-2, so do their fans really enjoy the games even if they win? While it must be a fun regular season, it has to be nerve-racking throughout the playoffs. With the Giants a few years ago and now the Jets, the fans are enjoying the games, because they are not expected to win. So if they lose, who cares? They are having fun just watching football. That is why being a wild card team is so much fun.

Jets fans, get excited for Pittsburgh, because it's a lot of fun. Even though you played two great games the first two games, no one is expecting you to win much like in 2008 after the Giants beat the Buccaneers and Cowboys, no one expected Big Blue to beat the Packers. Remember Jets fans, it's all about having fun watching the game, and if you're lucky enough, maybe you'll win.

Even though I'm a Giants fan, I cannot wait for next week and I'm going to work very hard to lose the weight I will probably gain today. Wish me luck!

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