Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Remembering The 2007 NFL Draft

Now that the college football season has been completed, many networks will start talking about the draft. There are few things about the National Football League that bother me more than "experts" grading the draft. They give teams bad grades based on one day, and they say what's going to happen in the future, and never admit when they are wrong. Remember in 2007, when the Giants were given grades of C+ and below? Some even graded the draft as a D, saying the only reason they didn't get an F was because of Steve Smith. this is why I hate NFL Draft coverage. Anyway,  here's a look at the 2007 draftees from the New York Giants.

1st Round- CB Aaron Ross: While he hasn't turned out to be the great corner we thought he'd be, he still has made some big plays between the 2007 and 2008 seasons. After having 3 interceptions and a TD in each of his first two seasons, he seems to have fallen off the last two due to the emergence of Terrell Thomas. The Giants are going to try to see if he can still be the same return man he was at the University of Texas. While he isn't as good as we thought he was, he is not a bust by any means. Besides, he made some big plays in Super Bowl XLII, so this was a solid pick.

2nd Round- WR Steve Smith: After the Super Bowl, he was no longer known as the "other" Steve Smith. His solid game is overshadowed by Burress's game-winning TD and Tyree's famous catch, but he had several clutch 3rd down catches on the last drive to help them win. Add that along with the fact that he is the only Giants receiver ever with over 100 receptions, this is one of the better picks of the draft by any team.

3rd Round- DT Jay Alford: No longer on the team after injuries have slowed him down the last two seasons, but he is best known for his bone-crushing sack on Tom Brady at the final minute of the big game. While not the player the Giants thought he'd be, that's quite something to be known for.

4th Round- LB Zak DeOssie: Like his father Steve, he became a very quality long snapper. Zak was a Pro Bowl selection in 2008. Even though the Giants special teams is subject at best, you never see a bad snap.

5th Round- TE Kevin Boss: Like Steve Smith, he made some big plays in the Super Bowl. His solid play down the stretch allowed the Giants to trade Jeremy Shockey for a 2nd round pick. The Giants drafted linebacker Clint Sintim with that selection. He was on IR last season, but he has great potential and is intense, so I'd like to see what he can do in 2011. Anyway about Boss, many people thought his run-blocking was questionable when he went pro, but it has become far from it. The Giants consistently rank among the top rushing teams in the NFL, no matter who is running the ball.

6th Round- T Adam Koets: Just because someone is not a starter, it does not make it a bad selection. The Giants' offensive line has been known for its consistency and health, but this season that line suffered some injuries and Koets provided some quality play to give Eli Manning plenty of time in the pocket. He's provided some quality depth in the past few seasons.

7th Round- S Michael Johnson: Even though injuries slowed him down in 2010 and ended up on IR, he has made some big plays in the previous two seasons. It's tough to find help in the 7th round in the draft, but the Giants got two quality players there this round.

7th Round- RB Ahmad Bradshaw: While Ahmad struggled with fumbles in 2010, he still rushed for 1,235 yards. Even though he experienced his 1st 1,000-yard season, he wasn't non-existent in the Giants offense before that. In 2007, he had the longest run in the NFL, which was an 88-yard TD run in Week 16 against Buffalo, and he was also the Giants leading rusher in Super Bowl XLII. Not bad for a 7th round pick, huh?

Grade: A (Easily)

Moral of the story: Don't pay attention to draft grades, and some people owe Jerry Reese an apology.

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