Wednesday, January 5, 2011

An Extra Home Game in 2011..sort of.

A few days ago, the National Football League announced the 2011 schedule, that is if football is indeed going to be played next season. In a sense, the Giants will have 9 home games, as they will be the visiting team when they face the New York Jets. Big Blue has an interesting schedule in 2011. Besides their fellow NFC East teams, here are a list of opponents that the Giants will have to deal with next season.


I don't know what to make out of the schedule. On one hand, you have two of the top teams in the NFL in the New Orleans Saints and the New England Patriots. The Jets and Packers are great teams, and should never be taken lightly. However, there are some pretty weak teams too. The whole NFC West shouldn't be difficult at all and the bottom of the AFC East is favorable towards the Giants.

If the NFL completes a new collective bargaining agreement, this should make for an interesting season. The Giants will be facing arguably the 3 best quarterbacks in the NFL with Rodgers, Brees and Brady. Let's hope they can do something about their linebacker problems before the season starts.

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