Thursday, November 5, 2009

Leaders Fed Up!

According to writer, Michael Eisen, the leaders of this team in particular Antonio Pierce stepped up and criticized their efforts for the last three weeks. Pierce went on to state, "We are turning into the laughingstocks as far as how we are playing defense." Pretty powerful words from the coach of the defensive unit. I mean giving up 112 points in three games certainly provides an uncharacteristic view of what Giants defense has been the past two to three seasons. The good news is that both defensive end Chris Canty and line backer Michael Boley practiced in full today and look to make their return. Boley played particularly well against Tampa in the Giants' 24-0 shut out. Canty was seen as a great addition from the Cowboys in the off season.

With injuries really hampering these player's season's the Giants would most likely be in a situation to consider them their life line. Both players were positive about their workouts today showing enthusiasm that their health is in good condition and in good spirits. Another solid day of practice/film sessions should motivate Big Blue and their returning players for their bout against San Diego.

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