Monday, August 11, 2008

Plaxico Watch

Plaxico Burress has yet to practice during traing camp but don't think it's in relation to his off season contract demands. Burress has a bum ankle and doesn't want to play the season with a nagging injury like he did all of last year. We all know Burress does not need to practice to make an impact on Sundays but it would be nice to see him get some reps in with Eli soon so they can get their timing back down.

Burress comments on his current injury status after running some routes:
"I definitely want to be out there, but Plaxico Burress has to take care of Plaxico Burress. I’m going to make all the right judgments as far as my health, as far as my ankle before I go out there on the football field. When I get out there, I’m going to be running a hundred miles an hour with no restrictions."

Burress also watched as his agent, Drew Rosenhaus left Albany without a new contract. But Burress claims there won't be a problem if a deal was not reached by the start of the regular season. "For a guy like myself, when I’m on the football field, I’m concentrating on football," said Burress.

Jerry Reese still feels like a deal can get done soon but no real talks have been reported as of late.

Source: Newsday

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