Wednesday, August 6, 2008

First Pre-Season Game Nears

Thursday will mark the first pre-season game of the year for the New York Giants. The G-men will square off against the Lions and the coaching staff and players are looking forward to starting the action.

Coach Coughlin announced who would most likely be sitting on the sidelines for the pre-season opener:
WRs Plaxico Burress (ankle), David Tyree (knee), Mario Manningham (quad) and Steve Smith (groin) and CB Sam Madison (sports hernia)

It is also expected that G Chris Snee and T Shane Olivea will also be sitting out.
Some good news on Chris Snee as tests on his shoulder revealed some minor tendinitis.

Coughlin also confirmed that WR Amani Toomer and LB Danny Clark will be active for the game despite battling some injuries early on in camp.

Coughlin was asked some questions at camp the other day. Here are some of the transcripts of what went down:

Is this an important step for guys like Darcy Johnson and Mathias Kiwanuka and Derrick Ward, who have not been in a competitive situation for a long time?

For Darcy it is, for sure. For Kiwanuka and Ward, it is a preseason game and the idea there, of course, is to get sharp again for them, because they were forced to miss some time with injuries. Both have performed in practice very well and actually have not asked for one quarter, not one time. I mentioned to you what I thought would be the attitude of Kiwanuka early on and it proved out. He went right to the trainers and said, ’I think I can play.’

Who are some of the young guys that are impressive up here that you want to see in game action?
All of these rookies, obviously. As many of the rookies as we can. I would have to say that Na’Shaun Goddard of late, he has had a couple pretty good days of practice, and I’m really looking forward to seeing him. Guy Whimper. People who have had some experience need to play a lot. I think when you look at our safety position, you want to see a lot of those kids play. Warrick, you want to see him in action. Continuous advancement of Michael Johnson. You want to see the running backs, which we have some depth, I want to take a real good look at Kay-Jay Harris and Danny Ware. Obviously those young receivers are all going to get a ton of plays.

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