Wednesday, May 1, 2013

While there really can be no dispute that the sports betting industry is one which is enjoying increasing success in the modern era, it is possible to argue over what the reasons for this are. After all, many other entertainment industries – including the movie and music ones – are struggling badly. Certainly one reason for the increasing success of it is likely to be the simple fact that online sports betting sites allow people to participate in this activity from their homes, which will inevitably make it more appealing.

Furthermore younger people increasingly want leisure activities that they can take part in using either a computer or a mobile device, and the major sports betting firms have adapted very well to this by providing an excellent service for these users. Online sports bet sites offer a wider range of betting markets than land-based bookmakers did, while also offering tips and odds information – all accessible via either a computer or a phone – similar to the way that casino firms offer online and mobile casino options. This is appealing to a modern customer base with an interest in major sporting events all over the globe, and the desire to be able to make bets on these from any location at any time.

Indeed, online casino is one of the few other industries that can match the success of sports betting, and for many of the same reasons. The gambling sector has simply adapted better to the changes in our leisure lives that the internet and mobile devices have led to, and casino sites like are offering games options that would appeal to sports betting fans now as well – with slots games themed around football and other popular sports clearly aimed at those who enjoy both watching sports and betting on them. Altogether, the evidence suggests that both of these gaming sectors will only continue to grow in popularity.

Friday, March 22, 2013

A guide to Football Betting

Whilst visiting your local betting shop is still popular, betting over the Internet is fast, easy to do and means you don’t have to move an inch (expect perhaps to pick up your laptop, or even your smartphone.) Not only is it easy, but it also offers a lot more; there are a lot of betting companies out there wanting your custom, so expect a lot of exciting offers coming your way the second you click on their sites. Do a bit of shopping around. Popular sites such as offer an extra £20 when you make your first deposit with them, others, such as give you a bonus of up to 30% when you place an accumulator on certain matches. If you’re not near a shop or don’t have the use of a computer, don’t forget that a lot of betting companies now have their own apps so you can bet on the go, how handy is that?

Do you know what you want to bet on? There are a lot of options when it comes to betting on the football. An accumulator is a popular way because the odds of each game are added together; meaning if you make the right decisions you can win quite a bit more money than in a single bet. Decide over a number of games which team will win/lose the game or decide if you think a draw will occur, simple as that. If you don’t fancy trying your luck straight away, you can simply bet on the ‘outright winner’ of a single game. Sometimes it’s clearer to see who the winner will be, but usually this means there won’t be great odds. If not, bet on a draw. Some people try their hand at more specific bets, the correct score for example. Think you know what the exact score is going to be? Place your bets; this is likely to have better odds.

Full time/Half time is also a little more intricate. One team that might lead the way in the first half might actually go on to lose the game, so this way you can bet on one team to win the first half and another to win the game full stop. It will be more likely of the odds being better on bets like this, but it requires a lot more knowledge and skill. What you can bet on in football isn’t limited to the examples above, you can bet on a whole number of things but these are just a few options you can go with. A lot of the Internet sites will help you along with this. If you are more of a horse race betting man then make sure you check out the to get the latest free bets offers.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

What to look forward to in the offseason and Post-Superbowl Reaction

They completed the dream. They lived up to the motto "All In" and won the entire thing. The emergence of two guys really helped a lot. Victor Cruz went from zero to hero in a seasons time when he set the record for Giants recieving yards in a season and was a big threat in the playoffs. Jason Pierre-Paul has become a real force on the defensive line, so good that he was one of the main catalysts to why the defense played so good late in the season and postseason. Him and Justin Tucks should be a problem for opposing lines for years to come. Jerry Reese said they had the pieces to do something, the parts were there to make a run. His claim came true when they won it all and beat the Patriots in the super bowl for the second time in four years. It was truly one to remember but now we must look to the future as keeping the pieces together from this team is a key thing for the offseason. Mario Manningham, the man with the Tyreesque catch, will be a free agent and will definitely want money. With a clutch catch like that, you know teams without depth at wide-receiver will make offers to him. The Giants will likely be without two tight-ends to start the next season, so keeping together the trio of receivers that made them so dangerous in the passing game will be a big aspect of keeping them dangerous in the passing game. Victor Cruz is a huge part of that passing game and they would be smart to get him under a new contract which will pay him more (like he's asking for) and lock him up for more years. Also their run game emerged in the playoffs and was big in helping them control the clock, they have a decision to make on Brandon Jacobs. He fits the system they have with Bradshaw, he plays the power back to Ahmad's speediness. It worked well late in the season, their offensive line was consistent but is still aging. They might want address that in the draft, but their is no doubt in my mind that they will draft the best player available, it seems to be a real "hit or miss" strategy. With some real nice "hits" and some "misses". Also they have a decision to make on Aaron Ross, he was real solid in the playoffs but hasn't really lived up to the hype of being a first round pick. They might consider letting him sign with another team, they should give Terrell Thomas another shot. T2 was their best corner-back in the 2010 season, if he can get his play back to that level then their secondary will be real formidable with him and Corey Webster. Speaking of injured players who deserve another shot, Jonathan Goff really seemed to be turning into a solid linebacker when he went down in the preseason. He will likely get a one year deal with a shot to get himself back on track. Then offensive line should be looked at, it did a pretty good job of protecting Eli in the final game but in the NFC championship game they had a Swiss cheese resemblance to them. There are some old guys on there and I can't name names because these guys have delivered two Super Bowl wins so they have special place in my heart but that doesn't stop age. They drafted a lineman last year but they might look at doing it again in the later rounds if they see a talent they like. The bottom line is you have to trust the upper management of this team to make the right move. They have produced two Super Bowls under what is probably the greatest quarterback they have ever had. The real best question is: What will happen next season? Can they stop they horrible habit of losing to teams they have no business losing to? Lets not forget this team went 0-2 against terrible Washington Redskins team. If they fix that problem they are going to be real fun to watch next year.....

Saturday, February 4, 2012

5 Ways the Giants Can LOSE the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is tomorrow and the New York Giants who finished 9-7 will represent the NFC against the New England Patriots who finished 13-3 will represent the AFC. If one were to look at the records it would be a surefire mismatch, but anyone who has watched the games this year has seen that the Giants don't play really according to their record and they have a history of doing special things against the Patriots. What it amounts to is one of the more better matched Super Bowls we have seen in the past. Many people are picking the Patriots and many are picking the Giants, it seems to be almost an even split down the middle. Well here are 5 ways or X-factors per se, which will lose the game for the Giants.

1. No (Giant) Turnovers- This just might be the most important element in their game, as they haven't turned the ball over once during their run. Tom Brady is arguable the best quarterback in the league and you cannot give him help. Turnovers lead to short field position which lead to an easier drive down the field by Brady. If there are any turnovers in the game, the Giants will have to be the ones forcing them.

2. Beware of Vince Wilfork- The patriots line feeds off him and he is the lifeblood of it. There is a reason he has been there for so long and its because he's good at what he does. The Giants cannot allow Vince Wilfork to wreck this game, he is capable of doing it. He has done it before to teams before and this is the biggest stage he's going to be on all year. Plus this might just be his last chance to grab one more title with team he's cemented his legacy with. One of the few defensive tackles left in the league who can play both the 3-4 and the 4-3 defense effectively, Wilfork will be looking to make himself heard in this game, and the Giants will have to quiet him.

3. The Defense Has to Get Off the Field- Tom Brady is great at game management and you can bet the plan will be to keep Eli off the field with long, time consuming drives. The defense has to come out strong early and not let Brady get into a rhythm. Physicality will be key here, they came out hitting hard against the Packers. It will be nice to see that kind of ferocity on the field tomorrow. If they can't get off the field and end up giving Brady more chances because of it they will pay dearly. Brady is too good to be given extra chances. See: Turnovers

4. They Have to Run like Madmen- During their past couple of playoffs wins the Giants have run the ball efficiently. This is part of the reason why they have won. In the NFC championship game, the 49ers plan was to make the Giants one dimensional and they did a pretty good job of it. They even had the Giants become pretty pass heavy late in the game but it was the run that got them the extra yards after the special teams turnover that helped win the game. This defense is not the 49ers defense. If they establish a good run game early they can win the possession battle and in turn keep the ball out of Tom Brady's hands.

5. The Defensive Line Has to Get to Brady- This defensive line is what fuels the Giants defense. They live on pressure to the quarterback almost pushing teams into a one-dimensional run team, leaving them baffled offensively. If the front four bring the pressure like they really mean it and get into Brady's head then he will make mistakes. The mistakes could possibly lead to turnovers which will help the Giants in the field position. If they don't enough pressure to mess with Brady then he will orchestrate successful scoring drives down the field whether they take a lot of time or a little. I'm not saying that this won't be an offensive game but possibly if the Giants can sway it to the defensive side with their defense then maybe they can get an edge.

So that's the main ways the Giants could possibly lose this championship. If they eliminate those problems on gameday they should win.
Prediction: Giants take their fourth Lombardi trophy with a 27-20 win

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Should the Giants Bring Tiki Barber back?

As many of you already know, former Giants great Tiki Barber is considering coming out of retirement. He currently ranks 1st in franchise history with most career rushing yards and only trails Amani Toomer in receiving yards. With that, he's been a cancer in the locker room since 2005. In the beginning of 2006, he announced his retirement and he did not act like part of the team that season. Sure he finished with an impressive 1662 rushing yards, but constantly bashed the coach and still will not shut up about how Tom Coughlin supposedly does not know how to coach even right before inducted into the Giants Ring of Honor.

So why on earth would the Giants bring him back now that Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw combined for over 2,000 yards last season? It's simple. If Barber can act like one of the guys, and teaches Bradshaw to hold onto the football, he can be a true asset. After all, Barber struggled with fumbles the majority of his career, fumbling 35 times over a 4-year span before Tom Coughlin (yes the same Coughlin that Barber has fun bashing) saved his career by changing how Barber throws the football, and only fumbled the ball 9 times in his last 3 seasons. If Barber can help Bradshaw out, then I'll welcome him to the team.

Would I be worried about Barber dividing up the locker room? Yeah, a little bit. Then again, all Coughlin or anyone else has to say is "I've got a ring, where's yours?" and he won't have anything to say. I bet he still loses sleep at night thinking about that the Giants won the Superbowl the year after he retired.